Feb 15, 2021
monn (All reviews)
Heyo a little sleep deprivation so sorry in advance

Story 9/10

Reading some reviews gave a new perspective look at this manga. How? well this manga is about people with mental disorders (basically every character you meet here has one or at least a flaw as a human being) and like pandaismnxx wrote - "I thought this will be another manga who glorified mental illnesses as a topic" well it isn't one and it is.
Story is about people with mental problems be it small or big they are shown here, we have our main leads Female lead - Megumi and Male Lead - Taku as well as few supports or and some background characters who also have some sort of problem going for them be it plain annoying personality or fright from loneliness.
The main story leads us to experience life of 2 people with problems how they strive to mend them, improve and adapt. How they mingle with others and how simply 2 young people start their weird relationship or more like how this weirdness grows up to become something wholesome (cute relationship between man and woman) a thing that everyone should strive to have in their life (to a degree there were disturbing moments).
The tone of the story is depression mixed with some sugar in between or you could twist it around and have a lot of sugar and some depression depends if you look at the story's present or character past.

Art 6/10

It was funny how author put some references that Taku is bad with Art (i think it might be the case of authors self reflection)(btw there are two authors i.e. story and art)
Ok so art itself now, characters are almost always gloomy with occasional smiles but for the most part characters seem not so impressive (comparing to other works of art) next we have backgrounds well i understand it's hard but a lot of blanks or shortcuts. Panel placement and speech bubbles up to standards.
Now......I saw a few really good drawings so it made feel like this artist knows and can write good characters and background but it might have been a simple cutting corners technique (to make scheduled releases) or to make the story more presentable (For readers to concentrate more story not the art).

Characters 8/10

First case Megumi, a troubled girl with bunch of problems historically and mentally with some unique skills. At first she may seem very likeable (like you don't understand why would she have history like that) but eventually you start to understand that she is not an angel in disguise but a troubled person who almost gave up but as the story goes on she tries to become someone better to adapt and it makes her seem human (unlike some manga characters who are narrow minded and one dimensional manga troupe morons<--Grew tired of it after reading over 500 mangas). Simply seeing how a troubled person climbs a mountain falls and gets up again gives you motivation to stand up in your life and can make you feel shame for giving in to weakness yourself.
Next case Taku a boring guy who after finishing high school decided to leave his paternal house and live independently, working part-time and drawing/writing manga and hentai commissions. At first glance he might seem like nicest guy in the world but the more story progresses we see slip ups and his flaws which once again brings us to the point that that simply makes him more human. Just as our girl Megumi, Taku also doesn't stand in one place he grows and cares (which was alien to him before meeting Megumi), as a guy he is somewhat boring with a rinse and repeat routine but never mistake it for a bad trait because while it might seem like so on the surface this routine is exactly what safes him from the cliff also he isn't a useless guy but a well managed grown up. He doesn't fuss about unnecessary stuff he thinks and he plans and most of all tries to empathize.
Though the biggest flaw i think he has he likes broken and he likes to repair them. Why a flaw? Usually people like that try to mask their flaws or at the very least try to shove their problems under the rug while helping other.
Next case supports, they play a small role here but they are like a nice compliment to the main dish. Some supports have issues and quite problematic ones which should be corrected (especially one girl there you will know when you read it). Supports are people people who live around them, not with them, they have their own problems to deal with and occasionally their paths intermingle with our leads and some memory is born.

Enjoyment 9/10

While reading it time simply flew by, manga had a few disturbing moments but they were compliments to the story and our characters. I enjoyed it and was quite sad that that i caught up to scanlators yet again as always there are risks of it being abandoned (all in all raws are finished 123 chapters and i've only read to chapter 40 and damn once again i will need to wait a year to infinity to finish something).

Overall 8/10

I would advise to read it for people interested in phycology in romance without usual troupes and slice of life genre + drama there certainly is one and it's not plastic more like a home garden grown tomato (natural). I wholeheartedly enjoyed it and will wait until all 123 chapters would be translated.

Once again sorry if i wrote something blurry and unreadable, sleep deprivation is to blame also on a side note my motivation to learn japanese grows stronger day by day since i kinda understand now that a lot of good mangas or light novels will be dropped or untranslated due to seinen demographic being less popular than shounen due to age of readers in western world. Unlike eastern society, western society has a lot more bias regarding anything drawn so when reading something mature always take note that possibility of it being dropped are quite high.