Jun 17, 2011
ggultra2764 (All reviews)
This was quite the enjoyable title for me. While sentient robots and post-apocalyptic settings are nothing new to be seen in anime, Kurogane Communication puts a somewhat positive spin on the mix in its focus on Haruka and her robotic companions. Many of the characters seen throughout the series, both human and robot, get a great amount of fleshing out allowing you to connect with their characters and understand both the strengths and flaws of their characters, whether it be Haruka experiencing flashbacks about her past or robots like Spike comprehending whether they are "alive" if they are programmed as so. The plot buildup was also quite engaging as Haruka and her group deal with the challenges of surviving on an Earth in ruins while trying to remain as optimistic as possible in retaining some sense of normalcy. Circumstances such as water shortages, enemy robots, a tsunami and tracking down signs of more human life are experienced by the group as they survive on the ravaged planet. This is quite impressive for a series where its episodes normally clock in at about ten minutes a piece.

There isn't really much I have to nitpick about concerning issues with the show. The visuals looked above average in quality as there was a good amount of detail shown in character designs and scenery with subdued shades of color that are effective at conveying the down-to-earth yet serious mood that the series gives off. However animation is rather subpar at points, particularly in action scenes as shortcuts in the animation were apparent to me. In addition, I can't help but but nag at some characters being underdeveloped such as Trigger and Cleric.

But minor nitpicks aside, Kurogane Communication is a worthwhile and under-appreciated series putting a more positive spin on the everyday activity and situations faced by Haruka and her companions in this post-apocalyptic title, while retaining a sense of seriousness in depicting the challenges faced by the group given their predicament.