Jun 16, 2011
helur (All reviews)
Looking back on this show I question myself how I enjoyed this show. Riddled with fanservice, a harem which means no actual romance, and a cast of invincible characters. Our good male lead Ayumu is a zombie, taking an arm or two is but a flesh wound, and our female lead has enough magic power that the universe is changed at her emotions and words. The action scenes are enjoyable and occur frequently but nothing extraordinary. They aren't afraid to show a bit of blood though!

Nevertheless, there is something about the comedy in this set up that makes every episode worth watching. Of course being undead gives the genre slapstick a new meaning, and by the end of the first episode Ayumu gains the power of Masou Shoujo. Yes that’s right - he is a magical zombie cross dresser wielding a pink chainsaw. If you don't find it funny the first time he transforms well you will definitely get sick of it by the end of the show.

Now I did look down on the show earlier for the fanservice. However, that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the female cast. Eu is our mute armored necromancer who doesn't get much of an appearance in the show till later because, well, she is mute. I liked her appearances but story wise she made a lot of decisions that didn't make sense.

Haruna is the masou shoujo who has lost her powers and is the pain in the ass tsundere that lives in Ayumu's house. The fanservice target, she is the most prominent female character. Another person who can be a break or make on your takeaway from the show.

Sera is a vampire, whose story of origin was horrible. Yet, voiced by Youko Hisaka, one of the more fun characters. She has a running gag of how horribly she can verbally abuse the main character, but is also a ninja at the same time. She is never prominent in the story, but makes steady appearances throughout.

Yuki, another vampire, acts as the wife or Ayumu, reasons to be left to your imagination, and is the only character that's dere was actually enjoyable.

Despite being a strong comedy, it attempts to have a serious plot at times. At these times it fails to be serious, and you are left wondering if they intended to make the plot a joke (in more ways than one). It starts out with how Ayumu wants to get revenge on his murderer, but despite how mysterious it seems like it will be at the start the intensity vanishes until he easily finds them a few episodes in. From there the plot switches to Eu's past mistake and the whole situation is rather ridiculous.

If you enjoy a mix of peculiar comedy and have a tolerance for harem settings this could be the show for you. The atmosphere is typically bright except for those random serious moments they throw at the viewer.