Jun 13, 2011
spinky (All reviews)
My review is based on all six episodes. But what I First gotta say is that they should have made it a bit more clear that they were moview and not just regular episodes. I thought the 50min episodes were so that the number of episodes were gonna be shorter and I only found out once I came to update my pro.

Any way, I dislike mecha anime. Not any specific reasons but I loved this anime. The mechas drawn in this are not drawn looking all computerised, clean colour and out of place. This was a fast pace action anime. The plot basically is everyone has this special power which lets them move quartz (a mineral found in the earth).
Sometimes a person 1 in a million is born without this power which is where Lygart and his brother comes in. Lygart is the main male role. He is called by his friend who is the king to help defend the kingdom which is being under attack. An ancient mecha is discovered and apperantly Lygart can only operate it. And so begins the war, through in moral dilemmas, friends as enemies, blood, greats actions scenes and you got yourself Broken Blade.

Story 8
It would have been a 9 but it felt a bit fast paced which I know is because they were movies but a little more build up would have made a great difference.