Jun 12, 2011
tsunekawa (All reviews)
What would you do if you had the power to control an element, and power it up through breast milk?
I'd be scared of babies.

Anyhow, Seikon no Qwaser is... a unique concept. I first did not want to watch it due to the overwhelming amount of boobs. Really. Then I heard that it had a second season. I gave it a second try and found it amusing.
Since the plot summary is already written in the anime info, I won't bother including a long one.

Alexander BlahBlahvich, aka Sasha comes to this school to find this relic. He clashes at first with two female students, Mafuyu and Tomo whatevertheirnamesare. Turns out they're special. And now Sasha has to protect em by sucking girls' breast milk, or 'Soma' to empower his control of iron. Other Qwasers, like him, control a metal element (and I whip up my periodic table), well whatever, you'll just understand if you are good in chemistry. An example would be Katja-sama and her wonderful copper. There's a catch though. They all want that relic as well.
The story is normal. And what do I mean by normal? I mean that there is a main character and his mascots searching for something, and bad guys want it too. That's all there is to it, really. Just prepare yourselves for some plot twists and awesome wtf moments where Sasha just beats the shit out of stuff after sucking on breasts. Isn't it just normal?

The characters of this anime are your unoriginal harem characters. Tsundere Mafuyu, airhead Tomo, quietly obedient Teresa. And then comes Sasha (Alexander). How cute, a tsundere shotacon. Not much creativity in the character department, and as always, the female tsundere will have feelings for the male protagonist. Other characters make the show more fun to it. Who could ignore lovely Miyuri? And you should definitely bow down to Katja if you like BDSM. I'll shut up now. Did I mention that Sasha has a horrible past? Hence his name Sasha the Martyr. Maybe.
It's nice to see Sasha's development throughout the anime. I mean, he turns /nice/. And Mafuyu? A bit more honest than before. Otherwise, there is nothing else to include. Maybe the fact that Tomo can cook a bit at the end of the anime.

The background music was boring. I could remember the only 5 tracks it has (I'm guessing here). Once you hear one, you can tell what's going to come next. There's one for breastfeeding time, two battle themes, bah. It's fitting but not good enough.
Voice acting is good. If you watch it, you can tell. Problem is the Russian they put in and the way Mafuyu pronounces Alexander. Damn she makes it sound painful. I was glad when she started calling him Sasha. Another flaw with VA however, is the moaning noises. Please, make it stooooop. Does sucking breasts really create such ecstasy that you cannot keep your mouth shut? Well maybe it's different when the Qwasers do it. I wouldn't know.
OP and ED were fitting. Had a slight, how do you call it, 'church' feel to it. The first ending was so eargasmic. All those lovely voice actresses singing one song. /applause. Nothing special after the first ED. Beats the rest.

Art? What art? These things are just women with large blobs attached to their chest. I'm referring to the majority of the characters, of course.
Okay, fine, the art is good. Only parts when you can wince is when there are naked breasts. An overload of them. When I see Tomo, it's like a walking pair of fleshy blobs. And then I see nothing else.
Huh? Of course I watched the uncensored version. I didn't understand it when it was censored. So watch the uncensored one; makes more sense.

Pfuuuu, enjoyment. I enjoyed this anime. This actually made me feel like chemistry lessons were useful. I also liked the characters, especially Sasha and that tomboy with titanium powers.

Final verdict? Watch it if you want to. 24 episodes of boobs is a lot, and I watched them in 3 days. or something.
Short version:
Art was good, story was okay, sound was bleh, except for voice acting, character was bleh. Overall: GOOD.

Off to watch the second season.