Jun 11, 2011
shadowsaiph (All reviews)
Well, I first found out about the anime through Funimation's YouTube page, and I was very interested. I watched the first half of the series via the YouTube page, but then I stopped watching for it for some reason or another. I did buy the DVDs, and I started it from the beginning again. So... let's talk about the actial points now, shall we?

The first 12-15 episodes reminded me somewhat of Naruto in the effect that if focuses on arcs... not the best, but certainly not the worst. However, once you get to the Pandemonium Arc (as I am dubbing it), you get sucked right into the story. At least that was what happened to me. Then I thought "Why didn't the first half start out this epic?". I have to say, I am overall satisfided with the story. Besides the first episode and the first arc foreshadowing, the rest of the story didn't allude to the last arc which was a disappointment.

The art was good... certain short clips were perhaped overused which reminded me of overused transformation sequences often used in Magical Girl genres. However, the use of the effects with the magic made it interesting and realistic.

The sound was the greatest disappointment in the series. They used the same songs over and over with the same OP and ED. Nuff said...

I enjoyed the characters very much. Especially Ayano's anger issues... Even with the serious scenes, I was able to laugh because Ayano was going nuts. Besides that... Kazuma's backstory could have been alluded to more (as said under story). Ren came off as a main character to me, but he should have been developed more if he is going to appear in almost every episode.

Enjoyment was a perfect score. Despite the lack of certain things, I was able to enjoy the anime a lot. I definitely would recommend this anime to anyone who even thinks this anime could be interesting.