Jan 28, 2021
pickxel (All reviews)
Medalist is a new manga that people have probably heard of recently through twitter, and currently has almost no following outside of Japan. If you haven't checked it out already, you definitely should.

It is a very promising manga with a lot of potential so far. The art is fine for the most part, but really shines during emotional bits and parts where they are skating. The author is great at drawing figure skating.

The passion and interest the author has in figure skating really shines in their work here, and the character dynamic between the coach and student is absolutely great. If you came here from Yuri On Ice expecting romance, this definitely is not for you.
The story is great, and the parental pressure and societal pressures the two protagonists share are very relatable. The characters are also cute and likeable.

I highly recommend this hidden gem to anyone who enjoys dramas and sports manga, and is a must read for figure skating fans. If I could it give a more specific rating, I would give it a 7.5 from my impressions so far. As of writing, only 3 chapters are out.