Jan 27, 2021
RuRuLove505 (All reviews)
Spoilers in the second part.

I love, love, love this anime so much. The main character Mitsuki is this adorable character who thinks and cares about the feelings of everyone else. Even though she is weakened by illness and /has/ to care for herself more. She's not selfish, and isn't an annoyingly, over-the-top "cutesy, clumsy" kind of girl. Not at all. And she's not some self-pitying, cowardly, 'I have no friends so I'm going to cry all day' character either. Music is her motivation, and she uses that to be a better, self-dependent, self-motivated, cheerful version of herself. Because of this factor, I was able to really sympathize and follow along with her story in this anime. Which is good, since the plot itself is plenty interesting and fun to make small side-theories with. A young girl who has just one year left to live, as told by a couple of shinigami she can suddenly see. Instead of freaking out, she reacts by making a bigger effort to reconnect with a special someone from her past. She made a promise with this person, and will do everything in her power to carry it out with the small time she has left. Very admirable, for a girl her age, to have so much determination to reach towards this goal.

I really felt that emotional part, where they build up to Mitsuki finally finding Eichi's house, and then finding out the unfortunate news that he passed away with his parents in a car accident. Not even a full year of him leaving Mitsuki, and he died. Not even a year, but a few months. On top of that, Mitsuki found out that her feelings were returned, as she reads a love letter Eichi wrote for her. That was just brutally sad, I was in T E A R S. Everything about the episode was emotional. Especially the scene where Mitsuki finds his grave and lays on it, letting the snow almost bury her there with him... All she wanted was to be with him, as they carried out their dreams together.

!More Spoilers!
I suppose my questions would be answered if I read the manga, but I was always curious as to how Takuto became a shinigami. Someone revealed that he was in a coma, rather than dead. If this is true, I wanna know how. I was also curious if Izumi purposefully backed down from being Meroko's partner, had her and Takuto pair up, and had Takuto near Mitsuki (which eventually brings Takuto's memories of his past life back). Did Izumi do all of this, knowing that Takuto would have another chance to live? And if so, then did he back down from being Meroko's partner, so that she wouldn't be able to see through his plan? Could he actually looking out for these characters, more than he allows himself to give off?

The manga most likely will answer those ahaha

!End of Spoilers!
This is definitely an anime worth re-watching. You notice different things you haven't before, and it's just as enjoyable as it was when you first viewed it. If you haven't seen this yet, I highly recommend it! Such a heart-warming one, and I really want to know what happens next- so I will get started on reading the manga soon!!