Jan 23, 2021
mangareader123 (All reviews)
Mizuki and Kazu lived next door, and grew up together. Mizuki is 3yr younger and often thought this was a gap between them. But they got married!! This manga is all about their everyday beautiful married life, life as lovers, as parents and more.

From time to time we get flashbacks from childhood, high school and university days.

Art is clear, character design is nice. Mizuki is cute. This story itself is so cute.

You’ll love all the characters. No villain or enemy, just pure love and family time.

This is the most wholesome romantic manga you’ll ever find. Slice of life.
Chapters are short, and you can binge through it in 2-3hr like I did!!

This is not an action, or adventure manga. It is a light and wholesome read and after every chapter you’ll be smiling and thinking about your girlfriend (imaginary, of course;)

Thank you for reading this review!!