May 31, 2011
Smutch (All reviews)
Sadamitsu the Destroyer, or "Hakaima Sadamitsu" is one of those less known anime you've probably only seen the name of a handful of times, therefore when you go to actually watch it, you probably won't know what to expect, if to expect anything at all. However, I think It's one of those anime that'll give you a pleasant surprise, be it in the form of a few laughs or to the point were you genuinely enjoy the series.

Plot wise, Sadamitsu the Destroyer is nothing special. You can look up full synopsis in your own time, but without spoiling anything, basically follows Sadamitsu Tsubaki who has a chance run in with an alien suit of armour, of course this is all basically revealed in the first episode.

The characters in Sadamitsu the Destroyer are rather disappointing in my opinion. You have your few main characters which consist of Sadamitsu himself, Yayoi the "mysterious" heroine, Sadamitsu's 'partner-in-crime' of sorts, Junk and the talkative alien motorcycle, Kulon. Other than that, side characters are easily forgettable and don't contribute much to the overall story.

In terms of art, don't be expecting too much of Sadamitsu the Destroyer considering the series started early 2001, so don't go comparing it to, for example, the likes of the visually impressive Samurai Champloo and Gundam 00.

When it comes to sound, again, don't be expecting too much. The opening of the series features a sort of jazzy, almost cowboyish type music that you'll hear recycled throughout the series while the ending theme is a, for me personally, forgettable "power ballad" of sorts. But hey, I'm no expert when it comes to music, or Japanese music for that matter.

Overall, Sadamitsu the Destroyer is a fairly enjoyable anime. I'd definitely recommend this series if you're looking for something that doesn't take itself too seriously and, at 10 episodes long, what do you really have to lose?

P.S. This is my first review on this site, and probably my first ever public review, therefore, feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks.