May 30, 2011
DrAgNmAsTr (All reviews)
Well, what seemed to be an interesting detective story from the first episode, ends up only finishing one clue at the second(and last) episode. If they didnt concentrate so much on the H scenes in the 2nd ep, they couldve progressed the story more but they just stop it when you really want to know more. Also some of the characters that were introduced were random as they either never came back or had nothing much to do with the story, only making it more confusing.
I really think it would've been better if they stuck with the original case rather than switching it with another one and finishing the story rather than making a cliffhanger.

As for the H rating, you could see better in other hentai. There is nothing out of the ordinary here(unless you have a thing for bath scenes) besides a scene with a girls eyes wrapped in bandages(which is only two minutes long).
You might as well just watch the first episode and then imagine your own ending from there.