May 28, 2011
hallanmeras (All reviews)
Kingyo' Used Books is like a time capsule through Manga history. The stories deal primarily with people who wander into the bookstore and find that manga that triggers fond memories of childhood. I imagine I identify a little more with the characters, since most portrayed are in thier mid thirties or older -and as such childhood memories have become a little fuzzy, and also more cherished.

The book is full of little asides detailing what manga is being highlighted, with info on when and who published a particular story. It also is a little frustrating, because you get the feeling you'd love to get the volumes in question, and realize it is all in original Japanese!

The stories are all fun, the store is the nexus of each tale, but not always where the drama occurs. I felt the different stories were weaved together well with the common theme of the store.

The art was very good - clean, crisp, and the characters were very easy to identify - a particular pet peeve of mine when the characters are indisticnt

Characters overall were good - different aspects of life were highlighted and all eventually came to the bookstore.

Very high enjoyment - I will need to read this again as I tore right through each story.

Over all a nine. A great slice of life manga!