Jan 15, 2021
mangareader123 (All reviews)
This is a unique manga. Dubiously underrated.

The protagonist is a guy called Totono.(weird name)
He is smart, calculative and not at all shy to voice his thoughts.
Every chapter has a murder mystery and yet the feel of the manga is very light, enjoyable. Can even say it’s funny. Even philosophical at times.

Story: 9
I love episodic manga, with a little world building. And this perfectly fits the bill.
We see whodunit murder mysteries, and very logical explanations and deductions.

Art: 8
This manga has big focus on dialog rather than the art. Yet, the art is really good. Clean, beautiful.

Character: 8
Characters come and go, their personalities are shown in depth. Various layers are seen. We don’t know much about the main guy though. He’s a smart guy, won’t say he’s charming though.

Enjoyment: 9
Exhilarating. Read all the available chapters in one go. Start reading and I bet you won’t be able to stop. Reads like a Agatha Christie novel.

So overall I’d say this manga is a must for people who like : murder mystery, detective, psychological, seinen, and episodic manga.

Don’t read if you want fights or romance.

And if you find any manga like this please tell me, I would love to read that.

Thank you for reading my review!!