Jan 13, 2021
itsjustdaniel (All reviews)
Gintama finally making it's final chapter after so many fakes in theatres. This movie really was the ending the entire series deserved. It covers the final manga chapters and the story outlives the ending of the Silver Soul Arc. The story ended as it should be, the whole series had the over all goal for the characters to live their daily lives having fun jokes and gags as going on adventures together, as their pasts come to haunt them sometimes even literally. In one finale all the lovable characters come back once again to take down the one last obstacle from them living their lives. Seeing the final scene will get any long term fan of the series extremely emotional. The animation too was extremely promising and the best from the entire series, it really shows what animation in the year 2021 could look like for most anime. Enjoyment isn't a 10 because some of the jokes were a miss personally to me but Gintama always has the same lovable comedy it's had since the beginning. I think that this was one of the most bitter-sweet ending to an anime that I have ever seen.