Jan 13, 2021
langBArd (All reviews)
I have watched many animes this year, but only a couple of animes that came out this year, SAO War Of the Underworld was one of the best one to come out this year. The animation quality and sound were truly a masterpiece, unlike the first and second seasons of SAO, War of The Underworld had done a lot of the things done right like the characters and world building. The fights were really epic. To be honest I would recommend this anime just because of the fight scenes alone. But to a lot of viewers this season of SAO went under the radar due to the hate it got for it first and second season. Even if you don't like SAO or hate the characters, you should watch War Of the Underworld just for the animation and fights. Even the character had a solid back story. All in all, SAO-ALICIZATION War Of The Underworld was a great anime and a great watch.