May 21, 2011
dj_taz (All reviews)
What more can you ask for if you're the guy? Alone with cameras on an isolated island with 15 sexy girls!

The artist made a good job on this one. I must say, one of the best drawn hentai anime I've seen so far. The theme and the story is quite a good idea. The amount of variety in the series is the main selling point, each girl presents a different situation and a different way of how the guy managed to get with all of them!

However, I have 3 minor criticisable points for the series. 1, being so short, I expected more action with each girl to be longer, more action, and please take longer to make the guy cum. 2, Blood, yes blood, some of the girls will be virgins ie. the little girl, the teacher, the princess looking girl and the shy twin, WELL DAH!! I DON'T SEE ANY BLOOD DURING PENETRATION!!! finally, just don't make the lame ending of the guy waking up and lost his camera and assumed it was all just a dream.