May 21, 2011
Fault!! (Anime) add (All reviews)
dj_taz (All reviews)
Just 3 words... I LOVE IT!!!!

Yes you heard me right, this is a true masterpiece! The characters were beautiful! The "Every guy's dream" concept of the fucking every virgin girls. The weird and exciting places they had sex ie. Tennis Court, in the woods etc. The audio was great, pretty happy with the casting for the voices of the characters. The story is great! Some might say hentai doesn't need a story, only perverts watch them. Well I disagree, I like watching it on my laptop on my comfy bed and slowly masturbate, and I know loads of guys who do that. So of course we'll love good stories with good sex.

The only downside would be that I can't find any uncensored versions on the internet, and that the gap between each episode is way too long. But then you gotta understand that Brilliant hardcore stuff is hard to come by in short time space and uncensored. The "free" world is not perfect, need to spend some cash walking in Shibuya to find the good quality stuff, not browsing google for ages trying to find a needle in a haystack.

So pretty much I would just love to see the 3rd episode, heard it's been released but I can't find find any site on it yet, probably need to give it a good week before a download-able version appears. We need more of these great master pieces!!!