May 20, 2011
charlieseilrahc (All reviews)
I like drama as much as the next person, but I would never suggest watching this.
Drama isn't bad b/c there's always a reason behind people's behavior, and I watched the entire anime trying to figure out what was going on. I never did.

All I got was one girl (Momo) is obsessed one guy, loses him, get's stuck on another guy, runs back to the first guy when she gets a chance, then changes her mind and goes back to the second guys.

Besides establishing that the characters were cliche' (the over-sacrificing good boy, the loud boy who never does anything right, the mean girl, and the confused main character bubble head) there was absolutely no character development.

If your watching this because you like a-good-love-triangle-that's-really-more-of-a-love-scribble, or b/c you like dramatic relationships, or because you simply want to enjoy a good anime, don't watch this. But if you are looking for a waste of 6 hours of your life, this is your anime.