May 17, 2011
Moudaijoubu (All reviews)
There are some anime's out in the world that have a satisfied ending, some that have ones that just leave you hanging, and some that end fine, but you are just so attached to the characters and story line that you can't possibly end the adventure there. Thats when you either start the anime over, or pick up the manga. For me, it was the latter.

I didn't even know there WAS a manga of Toradora! until after I had seen the entire anime. If you HAVE seen the anime of Toradora!, I'll say that the manga is extremely close to the anime. I've even noticed some similar lines. It has the same gut-busting humor that leaves you rolling around on the floor, and the same tender moments that you can't help but smile at. However, one quality that I like about the Toradora! manga that I seemed to have missed in the anime was Takasu Ryuuji's constant narration throughout the manga. Through his eyes, we see many more details and feelings than the somewhat rushed thoughts in the anime.

The only character that looks different in the manga than in the anime is Ryuuji himself, which really bothered me at the beginning. He looks harsher in the manga than in the anime, always looking angry or annoyed (which, could be a tribute to his murderous eyes), and is frequently drawn in the "chibi" form. However, I really grew to love the way that he looks in the manga. He is truly one good-looking kid. He's one of those rare protagonists that you actually LIKE. I know. Crazy, huh?
Most everyone else looks the same, especially Kitamura Yuusaku, whom I can't help but chuckling at, every time I think about him. Kawashima Ami is still the same witch she is in the anime. I shall forever hear Hori Yui's delightful voicing of Kushieda Minori in my head every time I read her lines.

Now, if you HAVEN'T seen the anime of Toradora!, you're tossing around the question, "Should I read Toradora!?" Since the manga was based off the anime, you might be worried that you're gonna miss something by not watching the anime first. I'll tell you this: the manga is a great place to start. You're hardly missing anything by not watching the anime, in my opinion, though, I do have to say, some moments in the manga are just so ridiculously funny because I remember the same scene and the tone of voice the characters used in the anime.
The story is really about a Takasu Ryuuji, and his new next-door neighbor, Aisaka Taiga or the "palm-top-tiger" as she is called at school, and the deal they make-- Taiga will keep quiet about Ryuuji's crush on her best friend, Minori, as long as he becomes her servant, or, as she calls him, her dog. This story line isn't exactly original, but what makes Toradora! so absolutely wonderful is the absolutely original characters. So, in a whole, whether you've seen the anime are now starting the manga, or have just considered reading the manga without even having knowledge of the anime, all the aspects contribute to the glorious story of Toradora!

So, after reading this extensive review, the question in your mind might still remain: Should I read the Toradora! manga? Oh, but don't bother worrying any longer on the subject. Here, I'll make up your mind for you. Yes.