Dec 22, 2020
Josephkhland (All reviews)
This anime is very enjoyable and manages to keep you hooked for the next one each time, without shoving cliffhangers on your face. If there is one thing I can say for sure it's that this is like "Among us" -The Anime Adaptation, and it's pretty lit at doing that.

The artist pretty good and it definitely has a nice going at showing Nana's two faces.

Concerning the sound, I haven't noticed anything exceptional. The ending song is pretty good

You might read several reviews debunking how "Most of the characters are just brainless" and that's how the main character just happens to succeed. But I think that's very realistic and you can easily notice that through the very simple action of playing among us- the Majority is pretty much brainless~. So yes, I won't disagree that many of the characters are 'Brainless', but that's only natural.

Overall, if you want a show, where there is murder, superpowers and the constant suspense of "How would they pull through?" you will definitely enjoy it.