May 11, 2011
Akuma-Shitsuji (All reviews)
Mazinkaizer SKL is about endless gore and bloodshed...Which is fine by me!Although the show lacks in terms of proper storyline and character development due to its limited number of episodes,it still manages to fulfill its purpose,which is,roughly 1,5 hour of pure graphic violence.
Story : 6
While the story doesn't satisfy the ones looking for details,it still somehow serves its purpose,which is the prevalence of chaos and the commencing of a long and bloody battle.
Art : 7
Art development is very good,however,the scenery where the series takes place (a deserted area) is uniform,thus giving the viewer more and more of the same rocky environment.
Sound : 8
Japanese Metal music...awesome!I'm not a fan of metal music myself,but I really enjoyed the musical piece of Mazinkaiser SKL,which suited the anime's tone just fine.
Character : 7
OK,the main characters are two sons of mothers and a brave but shy girl,which serves the anime right.The hellish attitudes of the two guys is what gets them in battles-to-death all the time,which helps the series progress and is most enjoyable to watch.
Enjoyment : 7
Mazinkaiser SKL is the anime one might look for in order to storm away.Full of mindless violence for its most part,the show is bound to help you cool off If you're nervous,or make you feel really energetic after finishing watching it.
Overall : 7
It's a nice anime to kill your time.It will definitely won't bore you,and I'm sure all hardcore people out there will have a good time watching it.However,If you're the kind of viewer that looks for substantial plot and a reasonable order of events,please look elsewhere.