Dec 20, 2020
xathos109 (All reviews)
Promising new post-apocalyptic manga w/ only 3 chapters out so far.

Feels like a mashup of yokohama shopping trip, girl's last tour, and kino's journey, plus some cyberpunk / military sci-fi elements that seem pulled out of / heavily inspired by ghost in the shell.

It's probably not the most original manga in the world, but it's pulling inspiration from the right places, and if you're a fan of yokohama and/or kino's journey you would probably enjoy this.

So far, the setting and world building are well executed, the duo of characters are pretty well developed and believable, and one (or both?) are heavily hinted to be cyborgs. This last point is key because, like in yokohama, the possibility that the main characters might -not- be at least fully human has the potential to shift the themes and narrative from something that's more existentially nihilistic and depressing (like girl's last tour), to a reflection on impermanence and the meaning of life. The literal end of the world *happened* in World's End Touring, but it happened decades ago, and we get to watch the aftermath through the eyes of two girls who just want to see what the world looked like, (possible) deadly radiation and literal post-apocalypse be-damned.

The art is excellent, particularly for a manga that has only just started, and is pretty enjoyable, albeit short, given that it obviously hasn't had that many chapters released thus far (and seems to be on a monthly release schedule, which is good, b/c the best manga usually are).

7-8/10 so far, with the potential for a higher (or lower) score depending on where the manga goes in the future, and on how well it continues to hold up to these other works, but so far it's in pretty good company :)