Dec 18, 2020
HellLyter (All reviews)
Ahoy~! Yo dazo! Hi Honey <3

Welcome to Holo no Graffiti, a magical show that details the daily lives of the many fantastic talents of Hololive! It’s my pleasure to give you a tour of what Hololive has to offer.

Get excited to taste what Haachama and friends cook up with each and every installment!

“AH↓HA↑HA↓HA↑” You’ll be laughing in all directions while watching each and every episode!

You’ll be biting your yubis in anticipation to see what comes next!

Come and enjoy a variety of skits put on by the girls of Hololive, who all have their own unique quirks, charming looks, and fun personalities. Feel yourself overwhelmed by the plethora of memes, references, and shitposts packed into each short segment. Watching each Elite episode makes you feel like your tripping on a heavy dose of Asacoco, and it’s frickin amazing!

Oh, and if you think that the girls lack “depth” or “complexity”, all I have to say to you is NAAAAAAAAAA. For example, Suisei’s story is a heartwarming tale about never giving up. She spent a long time being unnoticed and was even rejected by Hololive once. But she persevered and put in the effort to rise in talent and popularity. Now she shines for thousands like a comet in the night sky. Other members like Watame and Kanata have also had obstacles in their lives that seem incredibly daunting, but they always keep their positivity and push forward. May I remind you that these idols are real people. They’re actually pretty inspirational.

Hololive is also an education experience too. Crazy, right? I’ve learned more Japanese from watching 6 months of Hololive than 6 years of anime. I’ve been enlightened by words such as Yametekudastop and 草. I’ve also learned how to differentiate between ducks and swans, chickens and phoenixes, and a variety of other animals. Truly life changing.

Just remember, these episodes are short comedy skits, so when you see the multitude of overwhelmingly positive scores towards Holo no Graffiti, don't think that it's because there's a well thought out or deep narrative in place here. In fact, most episodes are a convoluted mess of insanity. But that's what makes it so fun. Seeing these idols just having a blast and being crazy together is a joy to watch, and if you're a fan of Vtubers or are interested in them, I'd definitely suggest giving this a try.


And one more thing.

Make sure to go and watch the girls’ actual channels! They provide a crap ton of enjoyable content covering a variety of fields that just about anyone can enjoy. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your fall down the rabbit hole!