Dec 15, 2020
lethargilistic (All reviews)
The Major having a boyfriend doesn't NECESSARILY have to be a fucking terrible idea that should never be attempted, but it's a thin-as-hell tightrope to walk. This movie decided "to hell with that" and went all-in on being lowkey offensive about it. That scene where they ticked off the Majora's recent romantic liaisons and all of them were men? Unbelievable. Had the people who wrote this even ever watch Ghost in the Shell before?

It's all the more painfully obvious that this angle was just going through the motions when the Major and her boyfriend go to a party and she's in this hideous dress that doesn't go with her hair at all. I dunno. Maybe there's some kind of angle to this about how she doesn't care about her outward appearance or something, but aesthetically it was atrocious and all for the benefit of the basic-ass man this series is for, I guess. The kind of man that's like "Oh, the Major is wearing hot pants. That's hot," when there's nothing hot about the shot at all.

And all this stuff about Scylla and the war and prejudice was so much hot air. Gah, this was frustrating in a way that was a big step down from being boring like the previous two.