Dec 14, 2020
Gabbie (All reviews)
For Japanese anime, sources mostly came from their manga.

For ONA/Donghua like this, their source is not the "manga" (Manhua) but rather the novel itself.

For Douluo Dalu readers/watchers, Please do not assume why the animation is inferior just because it is different from the manhua. Donghua adapts the novel itself, while the manhua itself is known to be for a younger audience with the plot differing from Novel and Animation itself. For comparisons/references, you can also look at BTTH (Battle Through The Heavens/Doupo CangQiong).

I have read the manhua, while it is more updated compared to the animation the story plot differs greatly from the novel. In any case, the novel is already completed years ago, you may take reference from wuxia novel sites.

Story: 10
You can see a bigger picture of the Soul Land's world and system through their explanation from S1. It definitely allows room for development be it as a mmorpg world settings or immersing through the story in your head. Comparing to other Donghua/Wuxia novels, some can relatively dry or endless power leveling.

Comparing to Anime, it is different because Anime works on character building and suspense/plot build up, Donghua gets straight to the point with prime focus on the main character or those surrounding him/her.

This was the first Donghua that got me hooked onto wuxia genre and also the web novel series.

Current season was a good boost on the story pertaining to Xiao Wu.
Probably 3 more arcs till the end.

Art: 8
S1 first episode was definitely one of the best I ever seen for CGI/3D animation. Along the way you will notice scenes being re-used, of course considering the heavy budget. It is refreshing to have your main chars Tang San & Xiao Wu grew into their current looks from adolescence to teenager to adult. Based on current Season, cant give it any higher ratings.

Only top anime gets composed songs for the series and sang by renown singers. In Soul Land case, if you are aware, OP1 was sang by Jam Hsiao, the song was composed just for the series if you noticed in the lyrics. Same for this season, It was sang by Angela Zhang, which I also believed this song was composed just for Soul Land. (you cant find the song on spotify under the artist but is sang by her and the lyrics has words relating only to martial spirit/Dou Hun)

Character: 8
Not the best you have seen but enjoyable, comraderies could be seen. Not just purely about the protagonist or his/her lover. Oscar's unique as a character and support class with new abilities changing the term support class.

Definitely enjoyable waiting for this to screen every Sunday but hopefully it doesnt become dragged out too long like other popular Anime. (Depends on how Tencent group's direction)

Personally I will give everything a 10/10 as I am biased towards this series. But this season definitely has it's flaws so does it's artwork.