Dec 12, 2020
Srodiam (All reviews)
I was waiting for this "season" to end in order to write something about it, since MAL went completely crazy in sorting this show. Despise MAL believing we are on a 4th or 5th season, episode 134, or episode 30 of this particular "season", was the last episode of Douluo Dalu's second season. Episode 135 will be episode 1 of the third season, despise MAL grouping the upcoming season and this one as a single entry.

With all that out of the way, i have only good things to say about this show in general. There is a reason why this story is so popular in China. Sure, the frame drops can be quite annoying some times, especially when they happen in the middle of a big action sequence, but chances are that this won't annoy anyone that gets this far into this show. The artwork itself is gorgeous, with the exception of some Beast-Type souls that end up receiving clunky and really ugly models. The story is a direct sequence of the first season, as we continue to follow San's exploits in this new world, as he further understands the conflict going between his family/clan and the Church. The Seven Devils are starting to become big players in the general conflict that is drawing near, and it's really cool to accompany them going from children to such prominent people in this world. The story leaves 4 of the 7 main characters sidelined, as this point the history is entirely focused in San and Xiao Wu's struggles and, to a lesser extend, Oskar's quest to grow stronger. The novel is massive and, at least to me, all leading to this point is just a really in-depth prologue of what is to come.