Dec 9, 2020
SgtBaitMan (All reviews)
Well what could I say about this series? I don't like Holmes that much, but yeah, this manga is totally an adaption from the famous detective novel series of Sir Authur Conan Doyle, taking the point of view of Professor James Moriaty. However, the idea in the adaption is what makes me sick.

The story takes place in the young ages of The Napoleon of Criminals, yet the genius detective and his sharp companion Watson are at the same era? What the fuck is that? If you could remix the story in that way, why hadn't considered creating a whole new detective story inspired by Holmes? And well, it seems like the chain of events would take some detours, but eventually ends up with the confrontation of Holmes and Moriaty. So there is nothing interesting, as the initial concept and execution are so garbage to me.

Next, the character, art included. James Moriaty isn't refered to Napoleon for no reason, you know. The design of Holmes' greatest rival, I could call failure. There is nothing that resembles the Emperor of France that brought war and fear to the entire Europe. He is just like a GAYLORD in this series. So do Holmes and the other impactful characters, like Dr. Watson, who looks like an idiot. I get it, the authors try to design the characters in a way that's close to the preference of Japaneses, but I have to ask again, why rather stuck with a classical series that set in stone amongst the greatest written works in the world, than creating their own series which takes the inspiration from it? Look at Conan, it is a good example. And don't even mind of Gosick, it's literaturally trash. From the design of characters, I could sense some BROMANCE on the road. Yeah, however, with or without that, I can't get it, the taste and purpose of the author in this series.

There are some potential in this approach, as the series was named Moriaty's Patriotism. Even though, there is nothing that recalls him a British patriot, as the professor was observed by foreigners, or the God of War that feared the whole Old Continent at the beginning of 19th century, or The Emperor of the Underworld that rivaled his own Majesty and country. Well, good idea, but too bad, it's just like the failed copy of a masterpiece, like Gosick.