May 2, 2011
hallanmeras (All reviews)
This is a little out of my normal field, but I got seriously caught up in this story. I originally got this manga as part of a lot on Ebay, and only started reading it because it was the closest book to the door for an outdoor trip, but couldn't put the book down!

Story is hard to beat, being a true story that exploded onto the national scene. It's one that resonates with just about everyone.

Art is fantastic. There are no giant mecha or too cute girls or rampaging monsters, but real life portrayed very well.

Characters are great, seeing real growth and development. Hard not to be jealous in some ways of a person willing to change so much, for such a great reason!

Enjoyment - I tore through two books today, have been waiting for them on the mail. Sure to reread!

Overall a ten. My favorite manga to date - and I am definetely an avowed scifi geek!