Dec 5, 2020
Aeikyu (All reviews)
Overall, this manga was pretty mediocre. I'd definitely just give it a solid 4 or 5. Maybe it's just not my thing. It seemed pretty typical and had a lot of boring, same old romance anime tropes. Although some parts were pretty cute, the story writing was meh, the art was average, the characters weren't that likable or anything. I honestly don't remember any of their names but, there was the typical guy nerd who magically becomes hot from a simple haircut, the girl who wears dark makeup so that makes her "ugly" and look like fried chicken (???) but then becomes cute after her makeup is taken off. She's rich with an annoying and horny older brother. There is also this weird school nurse that preys on high school boys so that's some kind of hentai trope. The best thing about this manga was the translator so props to that dude, they made it pretty funny and entertaining. I'd really want to see the translator write a review for this manga.