May 1, 2011
TheDeadServ (All reviews)
This is a quick fix if you want to see a small romance story. But it's fairly accomplished.

What you'd expect from a 25 minute story. There's barely any time to create a setting.
You see a boy on a school trip, and that's your lead male. You see a girl of questionable origins and that's your lead female. And of course, a way (no matter how randomly made) for them to meet.

It's probably the most unusual thing about this show. Every single thing (except for some backgrounds and details) is animated with 3D models. Every character (which is kind of cheating the animation process IMO).
This results in some strange facial expressions (mouth especially). And a few weird movements, but only for those with seriously honed observation skills.

The sound was perfectly fit. As for soundtrack. It's just there.

Nothing special. It's a boy meets girl while girl meets world thing. Frequent anime viewers won't see anything new.

It felt better than when described by my words above. If you like romance and don't need much of a reason to see one happen, you won't feel these 25 mins were for naught.

I rate it 7 for the quick fix of romance I occasionally need. Now I can get back to the serious stuff.