Dec 2, 2020
Desmondus (All reviews)
Hentai Review!!

--SPOILERS (obviously)--
--Personal Opinions Only--

The living dumpster fire which is Aisei Tenshi Love Mary: Akusei Jutai - The Animation is something one should never lay eyes on. This is bad even when put on hentai standards. The noises are straight up stomach churning, and drove me to think about what I was even watching mid episode. Was I watching a magical girl show? A hentai? The answer is neither. It's a damn horror movie. Nothing felt remotely stimulating, and there's only one thing I could say about this; read the fucking manga, which is a solid eight out of then a least.

The story is pretty self explanatory. An angel seals an evil entity away and it somehow escapes: rapist edition. Past the first episode, the plot was non-existent. Which was good to say the least. But the sad thing is, it only gets good on the second episode, which is about thirty minutes in. And if you're someone who doesn't want to wait that long, it isn't recommended. It could have already vanished after the first twenty seconds, but that's debatable.

Good to know it followed the manga's art style, but somehow, it got screwed up. I have so many questions, and instead of it getting me hard, it was simply disturbing.

Did I hear a crunch? Nah, that was Mary Lip's pussy. The trap moans were horrible first episode and only get a little better in the second. But I couldn't give the female CV's nothing, since their acting wasn't half bad. They nailed Mary Stella.

It's not expected for people in hentai to have a legit personality and life story, and I would say it was an absent factor, but everyone did have a personality (to some extent) and that itself stayed consistent. They were semi-realistic and semi-relatable, not that I've had monster's shove cocks up my ass. It wasn't bad, but it needs some work. Since most of the characters only had a couple traits, it's easy to forget who they were before the transformation. Stella got no development what so ever. She showed up just to get fucked.

As you can tell, I didn't like it very much. It's something I definitely wouldn't talk to anyone about, let alone recommend it. I just sat there the entire time, either cringing or feeling extremely disturbed. I like my tentacles and rape doujins, but this adaptation wasn't for me.

"The manga was better." -Me who went through sixty minutes of hell.