Apr 30, 2011
hallanmeras (All reviews)
This manga was enjoyable - I am sure I will read it again and given my schedule that actually means something! I have gone on to break down each gradiant individually - but overall the manga is well worth the time!

This is one of the better post apocalyptic stories I have read. It's not a violent story, residual gore only. What's left of humanity lives side by side with androids, who are indistinguishable from humans. Humans put into cryogenic sleep randomly awaken, and must ive in the new world. The story of the world they live in is thoughtful and well-reasoned, and above all, BELIEVABLE. Not always the case, IMO.
There was a huge ten year delay from start time to finish, it is evident the author wanted to do more, but had constaints due to outside circumstances. I felt the weakest part was the " they lived happily ever after ending". This is a rich world that could benefit from more volumes. I would look forward to revisiting this series or a spin-off!

Art was a nice mix of clean , crowded, busy, simple, and indistinct. Signs in the background you can almost read, literally faceless crowds of people, empty, featurelss rooms.
A drawbacks of the artwork is the androgynous nature of the characters. I often found myself with NO CLUE as to who was male or female, and even the main characters lacked distictness.
I also found transitions to be abrupt and jumpy - scenes changed and I felt I had no idea I was in another town, situation, etc.

Characters were the weakest part of the story. I found them to be a little one dimensional, and indisctict in their personalities. Although refreshing to be in a world where not every woman looks like a centerfold, nothing about the way the characters look or act gives any indication they are female. I seriously wondered if part of the poblem in the new world was a lack of women. It was only the introduction of a character bio in Vol 3 that helped me know who was who.

Overall enjoyment was high - I will only benefit from a reread of the series, and look forward to visiting it again as much as I anticipated reading it the first time.

With a few tweaks - I could rate the series a ten. Characters, the choppines of the transitions, and the abruptness of the ending draw the final score down, but it is a testament that even the flaws keep this series at a 9 for me.