Apr 29, 2011
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*Note* If you hate anything that doesn't have action and plot in it, turn away now. This will be your only warning before brain cells are forcibly obliterated by hours of non-stop chibi characters.

With that out of the way, those who remain may find some value in watching A-Channel. Like I said before, it has no action, no plot, and ultimately no fanservice (sorry "lover of lolis"). However, what it does have is essence. That sounds cheesy and all but that's probably the only word I can think of to describe it. A-Channel is simply about life; not only life, but the essence of life. How this may affect you mentally can certainly vary from person to person. I think the reason why this anime struck into me so deep is because, as a high school senior graduating in exactly 1 month, I will forever lose some opportunities of life. I will not experience Japanese highschools, highschool romance, and anything else related to anime school events ever again in my entire time here on Earth. These forever lost opportunities are certainly tragic, but there's really nothing we can do about it. Watching A-Channel gives me, perhaps, my last glimpse before I exit this period of my life of a lifestyle that I will never experience. Some people would like that, while others will hate being shown something they can never attain. Again it varies.

Story (4/10)
I'll be quite frank here, there is no story. The plot is something like a going-with-the-flow-of-events improvisation. Then again, no one would expect an anime about school life to really have a plot anyways. The story is about 4 high school girls: exasperating Nagi, quasi-yandere Tooru, airhead Run, and cute Yuuko. Tooru is especially attached to Run and enters the same high school as her. There, she meets Run's friends Nagi and Yuuko. The plot follows the 4 of them throughout their events in high school. Since Tooru is a grade below Run, Nagi, and Yuuko, there always appears to be some invisible barrier and tension between them. Along the way comes much humor, and even some really meaningful, reminiscent scenes. In addition, you can enjoy semi-yandere mode Tooru groping Yuuko's E-cups off screen if that brings you any pleasure. Of course the plot doesn't compare to some action shounen anime, but this will probably be the best you'll see in a shoujo school life anime.

Art (8/10)
Perhaps it's just that I don't like the constant chibi style, but I didn't find the art to be particularily attractive. One or two minutes of chibiness in an anime is ok, but to have 20 minutes of non stop circle eyes staring at me gives me the creeps. In addition, they even messed up beautiful Yuuko's eyes! RAGE. I don't want her to have the same eyes as Akihisa Yoshii-kun from Baka to Test, that's just freaking stupid! *Ahem. Anyways, past the somewhat mediocre drawings, there is certainly evidence of beautiful animation and scenery techniques. Movement and even some character positions are expressed fairly well and I am impressed-- enough to give an 8/10.

Sound (9/10)
Nothing to say really about the sound except that the sound quality was pretty nice. Some background music gets a bit repetitive and annoying, but that slight nuisance can be overlooked. What I really liked about the sound in A-Channel is that, in addition to the OP and ending, they bothered to have a section of each episode (usually 1-2 minutes) that is harmonized with a song about that particular episode. This shows exemplary dedication on the part of the sound directors and really accentuates the feelings conveyed through this anime-- the feeling of happiness, memories, and even nostalgia.

Character (8/10)
Oh boy characters. Tooru, a short and taciturn girl who has level 5 Yandere mode limit break on cooldown (when Yuuko is present, there is no cooldown), can be considered as the protagonist. Tooru has an...abnormal affection for Run, almost to the Yuri level. Run, on the other hand, is mostly clueless about how much she matters to Tooru. Then again, Run is mostly clueless about everything in this anime. She is that typical open, clumsy and airheadish female character seen in comedy animes. Nagi is the "freaking out" type of person. She freaks out, exaggerates and talk to herself a whole craplot. Then there's the awesome and amazing Yuuko. Something about straight, black, long-haired anime girls with nicely distributed bangs always gets to me, and Yuuko filled that place in this anime. Yuuko also happens to be the most timid and nice out of the four of them. The only fault I could find with her was her eyes.. grrrr.*facedesk...oh no no no no don't think about those eyes... *facedesk. These characters, although probably not the most unique and distinguished characters, fit this anime perfectly. The contrast between their personalities and habits really gives the story in A-Channel humor, relaxation and ultimately that (horrible) cozy feeling.

Overall (7/10)
I'll admit it. I was bored with this anime. But the fact that I realized there was a message much more meaningful than Tooru swing a bat around like a crazy yandere hidden in this anime compelled me to sit and watch. As a result, I believe that watching this anime now this is a memory that I will cherish later in life when watching this type of anime at that time wouldn't bring the same enjoyment or feelings.

I might get flamed for being a hypocrite when I always say I hate cozy, cute and lovey-dovey things/feelings but become overly sentimental about a boring anime about life. But really, I'm only sentimental about a few things in life. Shoot a puppy in front of me and I wouldn't even blink ( I might even smirk a bit. Heh, dead puppies), but take away a once-in-a-lifetime experience from me, and I wouldn't be too happy about that. Likewise, some people might say that the thought of this anime meaning any more than boring school life is utterly retarded. To those people I say: The message is there. Whether you decide to read it or not is your choice.

So, to people who are much more about the thinking, experiencing and dreaming aspects of anime, (or perhaps if you are like me, ending highschool with regrets), A-Channel will bring you to world of experience. To diehard action, romance fans who would kill for a decent plot, your time is better spent elsewhere.