Nov 26, 2020
sadpuddle (All reviews)
**spoiler warning**

The idea/concept is really nice, but all the writing is very horrible and overall disgusting.

Who makes the protagonist and love-interest lesbians and fall in love, only 50-100 chapters in to reveal that they are blood-related twins? Are we romanticizing incest now? Is literally everyone just ignoring that they're twin sisters??

Next is the male characters, I gotta be honest there is no positive male character that isnt disgusting at all. Most of the men are all abusive. Every gay male character was seen as a sexual harasser/rapist. And the only black man in the ENTIRE manga is shown to be a pedophilic gay rapist. And the way he's drawn uses racist stereotypes which is not good!!!

The nongay male character, Aya's brother? Sexually abused her. And he was redeemed at the end. Why was he redeemed?? Why are we supposed to sympathize with a sexually abusive brother who apparently has a god complex?

And the boy who had a crush on Aya in the beginning of the manga?? That was her actual blood-related father in disguise!! What! Why would you write that!

The only good thing about this manga was making one of the main characters a transgirl. She's seen as a girl and not a boy. Her best friend genders her correctly and so does her mom. Her mom is accepting and loving. I didnt like that she was used for the "only boys can defeat the King" but she didnt defeat the king as another magical girl used a sex-change magical girl ability to defeat the king.

Shit writing!!! Excessive usage of shock means that the writer hasnt thought out or fleshed out the story good enough, and has to resort to shock value.