Apr 27, 2011
TypeOfCicada (All reviews)
I still don't get the appeal of this series. The show seems to be 5% zombies, 95% cleavage, and this time around, it was 95% cleavage, 5% unusual sex situations.
I mean, I guess I enjoyed it... but there is no story line anywhere in this OVA.
Okay, so technically there was a story line, but it's somewhat difficult to extract.
The odd thing is that if I tell you the story line, I spoil the OVA.
Well, I'll try.

Story- 1
Yes, I gave it a one.
The group comes to an island where they're supposedly safe from the zombies.. typical, right? In this scenario, you would expect to see, a la the conclusion of Dawn of the Dead, that there are zombies in their haven, but zombies play no part in this episode.
They play a very, very, very small part toward the end, but that's not what this episode is about. As I've said, it's very, very difficult to specify any plot worth mentioning.

Art- 7
The art isn't exceptional, but it's certainly not worth faulting either.

I'm somewhat attached to the opening theme. Highschool of the Dead has a decent OP.
Unfortunately, I can't say much more than that, as neither of the above played a strong part in this episode.

I guess there was a little girl (Alice Maresato)... but wait, where did she go?
In this episode, there's no character development. Nobody changes, and there's really nothing to differentiate any of the females from one another. Granted, Saya Takagi stands out as the reluctant, tough-as-nails personality of the group (euphemism for being a total bitch), but really... if you're expecting a character masterpiece, don't come here.

Enjoyment- 7
Why did I enjoy this? I almost feel bad for it, but there were times when it was moderately humorous. And there were boobs. And I got to see the awesome boobage they censored in episode 6.
And despite having no character development, no real plot, and leaving me wondering what I just watched, this was moderately enjoyable.

Nevertheless, I like my anime to have an actual plot, and I'm sad that they're not doing anything with this anime when there's so much potential. I'm not saying don't watch it. I'm only saying be wary.