Nov 21, 2020
FaxTuaL (All reviews)
Black clover is the most generic series I have ever watched , to believe somebody is getting paid to recycle already trash shonen series is ridiculous, this series is bottom of the barrel and the writer is writing out of his ass , he takes a shit and you casuals just eat it up like wake up and don't hype this trash.

The story is generic I don't even have to explain this bootleg wannabe Naruto

Asta is the single most annoying character to ever be written not just in anime but in all forms of writing he is the worst , he's a cardboard cutout of all the trash Shonen MC's (Naruto , Goku , Deku etc) on top of that his screaming and outbursts made my ears bleed , Asta's screaming is the reason I watched the series in Dub , every second I hear Asta screaming like he's on crack or something "WIZARD KING WIZARD KING" boy I feel sorry for those that work in the studio

The characters in this series are so bland and one-dimensional that they even make Sakura stand out , they have no depth and no development , the characters are simple , I'd be able to write everything to their character in one line , that's how little their is to them. You have Noelle , the spoiled Tsundere , Luck a guy that just wants to fight and then there's magne , henry , gray and that guy with the sister fetish , whenever I see them I just facepalm.

The music in this anime paired with Asta's rambling makes me wants to tear my own ears off , They change OP/ED's every episode. The visuals for it are just lacking in all aspects , I still remember in that one ED when they only $20 in their pockets so they switched to that paper animation. The OST's also are just pathetic

The names in this anime just make you think WTF how did they come up with these ugly ass names I've already forgotten 90% of the names

The power system was directly taken out of a place commonly used by authors and that is place is yours truly , THE TRASH. Magic is just a boring overused concept in anime , let it remain in the trash. There is no explanation to this power system on top of that it just tooooooo generic and the writer does nothing new with this concept

The Art Style and animation is just unforgivable , I thought One Piece had the worst Art Style and now Black Clover comes in out of nowhere saying "Am i Being Underestimated". The art style and the way everything looks in this anime from the buildings to characters is just abhorrent and the animation is even worse especially when it shows Minecraft in the effects. I'll give them an A for effect , it's the best they could do with $20. Another thing I hate about the animation is when their too broke too make any good effects so during the final attack they switch to the paper animation.

The thing I hate the most about this anime is the fights and how badly written they are. There is no build up to them , there are no consequences and most importantly the action sucks , it even put Mia Khalifa out of business. It's like I'm watching Yu-Gi Oh , they open their magic books and spam their abilities to high heaven, their is no complexity or strategy to the fights and there are no hands being thrown

Overall . this series is a -10/10 and completely waste of time