Nov 21, 2020
Leoradiuju2004 (All reviews)
I must admit, this anime is overrated, many told me that with this anime I would cry, but I do not get a tear, and I want to give its good and bad points.

History 8/10
I think this is a positive point, although at first it only seems like an anime starring teenagers in a school, this concept bores me a lot, since it seems generic to me,But then it is explained what happens and it has a more tragic and tender change at the same time, the end did not come to me so much as to sadden me, but it was beautiful.

Art 7/10
The art is quite good, although its settings are quite simple, the background brightness gives it a softer touch, and its animation is quite good.

Sound 8/10
I loved the music, but I think it's the only good thing, the rest is pretty decent.

Characters 4/10
This is where the anime falls, and the truth is that the characters are too generic, simple protagonist, tdunderes and normal girls, although their secondary characters are more original and charismatic,But they appear for a short time and they are given very little prominence. Of course, the characters have a development and good stories.

Enjoy 3/10
I'm not going to lie, it made me very boring, sometimes I almost fell asleep, some characters made me unbearable, its end was not so enjoyable either, a great disappointment.

Overall 5/10
Although its acceptance message and its beautiful ending were good, almost all of the anime was bad, boring and difficult to watch, and many praise it for its ending, which does not make sense, for example:It's like Naruto is a bad anime because of its mediocre ending.I didn't enjoy it and I don't think I'll see it again because I could hardly stand it anymore, I just finished it because my friend told me that the ending was very good.