Nov 21, 2020
DimitriDMSLIDER (All reviews)
Basically a story about a guy that tried fixing his life by renting a girlfriend, but made it even more complicated by being unlucky as hell. It made me laugh countless times by unexpected punchlines. Overall i think that KanoKari is pretty noice and the first season hyped me for the next (s2 is already confirmed to air).

+ The MC is the closest anime representation of someone watching anime i have ever seen.
+ Mami-chan is the closest anime representation of a girl i have ever seen.

Overall: solid 8
Story: 7
Art: 8
Sound: 10, cuz of kohukaku bungee jump
Character: 9
Enjoyment: 8

Waifu material: VERY NICEU, CEAZAR-CHAN.

+ If u want a quick laugh just check out the anime lists of reviewers that gave it a 3 or 1 lmao.