Nov 21, 2020
Simon087 (All reviews)
I really like steins;gate but I just wanted to say that I am very disappointed by the story. So be careful because I am going to spoil.


The story is nice but if you think about it it has no sense. The purpose of Kurisu is to give a memorable memory to Okabe but the thing is : Okabe isn't originated from the steins gate so everything before 2010 is with the Okabe of the Steins Gate wich hasn't been replaced yet. I say this because Kurisu went to 2005 to create a memorable memory but traveler Okabe remembered it wich has no sense !

The second problem is actually the worst. They created a time paradox. Kurisu teached Okabe about Hououin Kyouma but he should have been the one coming up with this idea on its own.

I won't talk about anything else besides the story because I don't care about it.