Apr 26, 2011
RealDelusion (All reviews)
Okay I know that this manga's first chapter was only just released but it kills me to see it's page this empty so I thought now was as good a time as any to jump on reviewing it.

Story- 10

First things first this series sequel is a black comedy,very few people take it seriously,including the author- who has filled his website with joke art relating to this manga. I am one of the few people who take it seriously and I am warning you now. Learning the back stories of the Litchi cast and how the innocent club became twisted into a murderous rape den is a dream come true. So far the story is doing a beautiful job explaining the origins of the club and I can only imagine it getting better from this point.

Art- 9

The art is stunning with great movement. The characters are all designed uniquely and it's fun to watch them shine without the frilly backgrounds of shoujo manga. My only complaint is in some panels the art seems almost stretched- although this could be attributed to the way it was scanned.

Character- 10

The characters are all, well, characters! They each have individual identities and interests, although they are far from perfect which just adds to their charm. All of the boys bring something new to the table- kindness, cunning, humor- and it's lovely watching them develop farther then they did in Litchi Hikari Club.


Overall I give this series a nine, because although my love for the characters is great in my opinion it takes a lot for a series to deserve a 10 an Bokura No Hikari Club just isn't quite there yet. Maybe as the series continues on and develop it will gain that extra kick to make it worthy of a 10.