Nov 20, 2020
Preliminary (80/? eps)
I think Holo no Graffiti is an exquisite work of art. Every episode, it shows how unconventional that makes you think "wow that sure is weird huh" but in actuality it depicts life as it is. No aspects of life are truly conventional, in fact every weird thing that happens in our lifetime happens because the Greater Being grants us the cruel punishment that is life. Another interesting design choice that "Holo no Graffiti" shows is the rapid, moving dialogues and animation that is present in most of its episodes. Rather than being done for the sake of comedy, it is actually a reflection of life itself. While yes, life itself is the longest chain of events that we, mere humans, will ever experience in life showing that life is a rather rapid process. Every day, month and year we always thought to ourselves "Wow it feels like yesterday where I celebrated Christmas with my grandmother back in 2008", this is the thing that the author and director wants to show to the viewers. Life is but a fast, no brake zone, it teaches us that we must value every milliseconds that we spend in our lives, be it good or bad events, it's a very Nietzschean approach in terms of storytelling. Lastly, Holo no Graffiti is uploaded to YouTube, one of the most rapidly growing social networks in recent years that features "loop" features. The author and director's decision to upload it on YouTube is not because of public accessibility, but it's actually because they too, wish they can just replay certain moments in their life. If only life doesn't move too fast. If only a person can turn back time and replay the things that we cherish most. The universe is truly a cruel mistress.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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