Nov 18, 2020
Preliminary (34/104 chp)
This manga has the cutest and most wholesome couple ever. Truly an underrated series, as this couple not only portrays one of the more realistic relationships I've read in manga, but also the most healthiest in terms of character progression and motivation.

To give a short summary, Ase to Sekken is a romance between Yaeshima Asako, an office worker who struggles with an excessive sweating problem, and Natori Koutaro, a man with a keen nose and smelling fetish, who also develops soaps for the same company Yaeshima works in.

At first glance, this manga sounds like something ecchi or hentai related. However, this is a misplacement of the genre as it goes beyond that and presents a more adult and mature approach to romantic relationships. A few chapters in, the two main characters are an established couple, as they help each other guide their way through life.

What makes this couple so charming is that despite their differences, they have great chemistry and they wholeheartedly admire and respect each other. Their effective communication with each other allows them to teach the other how to better themselves and create a good relationship. It's so frustrating to me when miscommunication is one of the factors that drive many romance manga couples into arguments and confusion because of the lack of direct communication. The couple in Ase to Sekken feels refreshing in that regard because they take account of realistic hardships that could occur in a relationship while also introducing their characteristics and slowly developing the two characters at the same time. It's ability to combine great character development and further the progress of the couple's relationship as each chapter goes by makes this manga very appealing and genuinely satisfying to read.
Reviewer’s Rating: 9
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