Nov 17, 2020
Uzumaki_Hana (All reviews)
I read this countless of time cause it's my fav of fav mangaka. Every time i read it, i always notice new things or speculating new thoughts of the plot... I decided to write this because, the flow of the story is just, beautiful enough that i always get awwed all the time. I get that some people may dislike this kind of story; either with the characters or the plot—but for me, it brings me closer to what i feel about complex feelings. It makes me wonder how these people go through difficult situations in relationship just to get to where they are rn. Hoshino and Akihiro is my relationship goal, cause they portray a really amazing dynamic duo. From high school crush to adulthood lover, i love how fate ties them together. A little bit more, sensei's drawing style really fits her stories; it gives the feeling of like every scene is that rocky pathway you need to cross. Anyhow, every part of this manga is a masterpiece. I would love to buy Nojiko-sensei 's manga(s) tho it's hard to get them here... i speak too much... peace out!