Nov 12, 2020
onepiecetrash (All reviews)

I have read way too much shoujo mangas and here's how to summarize this as of now: "a normal girl who gets confessed by a popular, muscular high school boy who is part of karate team." and also she's a tsundere. you could tell.

I really skipped 5 chapters because I already know what's going to happen. I love it. But this story will be more cliche if they add a rival. But in terms of the story, it's good. I like this kind of cliche or cringy anime/ manga love story. It's just too good. ART reminds me of 2011-2015 vibes of shoujo mangas! like heroine shikkaku! characters seems pretty fair and normal. Enjoyment was a 7. still cute! you can start reading this but the cliches and cringiness might throw you off.