Contrary to the title (Familiar Chronicle - Episode Ryu), Danmachi: Familiar Chronicle is actually a new side series by the author to show new side stories from point of view of side characters. Initially, they thought to just write Episode Ryu but then changed it into a series where Episode Ryu is the first volume. As of writing this, Volume 2 - Episode Freya has been released as well.

What I love about the author is his attempt to expand the world of Danmachi past Bell and his familia. In Sword Oratoria, we got the story of Loki familia and the stories of its main cast. Despite being a side series, the quality of writing is the same great level as the parent story.

If you want to get a wider view of the Danmachi world and better understand the motivations and desire of side characters, those outside Hestia familia and Bell, then definitely check out the Familiar Chronicle series.

Episode Ryu begins with a short story about Lyu and Syr set shortly after the war game in the main series. Then it tells the backstory of some of the core members of the Benevolent Mistress.

Then in Episode Freya, we get a better glimpse into the otherworldly mind of Freya as well as some backstory of the core members of Freya familia.