Nov 4, 2020
Synchrohayba (All reviews)
Sweet home is a post apocalyptic/horror webtoon by the same author of the great psychological thriller bastard . I will try to keep this review brief and i wont go into details .
There are 2 major reasons which made this manga stand out in the horror genre , first a lot of new concepts were added to the mix plus the monsters designs were unique/creepy at the same time , the second main reason is that it had some effective jump scares which is hard to execute in anime format let alone manga . But after all no work is perfect , sadly this manhwa suffers from some serious problems mainly the forced ending which i didn't like that much , and by the end of the story they didn't explain shit about the origin of the monsters neither their non stopping evolving nature . To conclude , sweet home is a solid webtoon overall , but the mediocre ending didn't let it have a much better score 7/10