Apr 20, 2011
hJ (All reviews)
You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them. (Desmond Tutu)


This is perhaps one of the most common plots that has been used in movies, drama and literature. But the best thing about this particular series is that it gathers an average plot, a fairly decent cast and everyday life situations and combines them in to a great family manga.

In order for a building to become a house, it needs a family. And a family is a group which not only shares a roof but shares the good and hard times together as well. These are the messages portrayed by this manga.


The characters of this series may appear to be common and easy going, but that’s the beauty of this series. They might not be special individually but together they form a great cast. Their development as a family has been portrayed beautifully. Each characters plays a decent role in this series, especially the adorable kids ^_^

ART: -

The art of this manga is very good and refreshing. It is very easy to follow and it enhances the beauty of characters.

Target Audience: -

Those who like easy going, slice of life and light heart family manga will love this series.


* Don’t expect too much from this series. It is more of an appetizer rather than being a main course.
* Don’t read it in one go. The best way to enjoy it is to read it bit by bit with some high paced manga.