Oct 31, 2020
BruYoshikage (All reviews)
This is my first review in this site, but there was only one review for this manga with a not-so-good score, so I'll try to write about it to give you an opinion of someone that really enjoyed the read.

I can start saying that I just really love the criativity it has.
It's a really unique idea.
It is a Design team designing animals for their client (God)
God tells the concept of animal he wants, for example, "an animal that flies without wings", they design them, they test them, it sometimes fails, so they redesign, test again. I really like to see the progress of the ideas and try to guess what animal it is going to become in the end, it's fun.

When the design fails, they correct it explaining why the creature 'don't work', "because it's too heavy to fly", "because it's body is too hot it needs to have a cooling element", "because it needs to expel the salt of it's body"
It's all explained based on real taxonomy, biology and science, using funny analogies so it's easier for anyone to understand it.

Also it's an amazing source of animal trivia for you just to know or to impress your friends, with it. For curious people that like to know random and bizarre animal facts (like me) it really is fun to read.
In the end of every chapter there's photos and info of the animals mentioned, and I find it a really nice touch.

-There's not really a 'story', and there's no need to have one.
It's kinda episodic, every chapter is a new request of an animal to design and test, and it works well this way, I think it wouldn't be this fun to read if it was plot-heavy

-The art is good overall, the humans are fine, it's a nice artstyle, but the animals are really well drawn, some of them, like the sea otters are drawn in such a cute way, it almost makes me melt in cuteness---

-The characters are fine, they are not the focus here, so they are not the most developed or deep characters.
They are just designers with some personality archetype with their own tastes doing their own designs based on that.
For example, there's a fashionable character that likes to make beautiful designs, so they design the bird, the gorgeous feathers are their proud.
They are likeable and it works this way for me.

As I said earlier, I really enjoy this manga.
The anime synopsis catched my attention so I searched it and after reading 30 chapters I'm not disappointed, it's really great and I can't wait to see it animated.

Overall I think it's unique, I really recommend it to curious people that like to know animal trivia, and for people that enjoy reading manga that are simple but creative.