Apr 5, 2008
go_go_raito (All reviews)
It is not what I've expected it to be... Most of you would think the same after seeing it for the first time.
Almost every episode starts off with a narrator called FABULA telling you what happened so far and at the end she makes a brief prophecy for the next one.
The characters are appealing and I grew to like every single one of them, but their design doesn't match (to be honest, they're even ugly sometimes...) with the backgrounds and effects (both really good), however... you get used to it after a while and with each passing episode you come to know them better.
Anyways, the story is imaginative and completely different from any series before. The plot is relatively dynamic and contains only very few repetitive or boring sequences. Another thing that fascinated me were the locations, because they seemed to be very well thought out.
A lot of fans of the Final Fantasy games do not appreciate this anime, because it has nothing to do with any of the already existing parts. In my opinion Unlimited is special in its own way and shouldn't be compared to anything seen in the games. That would be the same as if you'd hate F.F.X. just because it isn't associated with F.F.VII. but as in everything that shares the name 'Final Fantasy' there are Chocobos, Cactuars and Moogles featured!
So, don't listen to bad critics and judge for yourself.