Apr 18, 2011
-Yukami- (All reviews)
Story - 10/10
Hana to Akuma was a masterpiece! It was really a thrilling, enjoyable and an exciting manga. I really recommend this to everyone out there who have yet read this. I have read TONS, yes TONS of manga.. but Hana to Akuma was the very best. You will really carve to see the next chapter/page.

Also, let's not forget the title which REALLY fits for this manga - Hana to Akuma.. in other words, The flower and the demon. Somehow, the title 'says' about the love between the 2 main characters in this manga.

In each and every chapter and page of this manga, it never, not even one failed any of my expectations. Just base it from the plot, the story is rather unique. I have to admit that I'm obsessed with this, really. What made me love this manga more was the ending. Even I myself can't believe what I just felt at the end. It was a happy-sad ending. Everytime I read the ending, I never failed to cry.

The story teaches us one important lesson.. just trying to keep out from spoilers, I cannot say it. If you're so curious about it, try reading until the very end.:)

Art - 10/10
One more reason for people to read this is that because Oto-sensei drew all the characters very well.. even the environment. I love how he draw Vivi and Hana. Also, he really draw very well the exact emotion of Vivi. That's what I love more. Can't say more.

Character - 10/10
I love each and every character personalities in the story. Even the heroine, Hana. You can say that she's quite a stubborn and a naive girl but that's just what makes me like her more. It makes my heart skip a beat when Hana's naive-ness comes out in a romantic situation then Vivi have to do or say something straight just for her to understand.

Enjoyment - 10/10
I really enjoyed this manga until the very end. There is nothing more I can say.♥

Overall - 10/10
I'm really giving Hana to Akuma a perfect score. Everything is just so perfect, seriously. Just wanna say a huge thanks to Oto-sensei, the author of this manga for making such a fabulous manga! I really admire you.